Manage integrations

Follow the steps in the sections below to view statistics, synchronize data, and remove integrations.

View statistics

You can use the dashboard to retrieve the following statistics about an S3 bucket:

  • The total number of items in your bucket
  • The number of indexed files
  • The number of files that aren't yet indexed.

You can use this information to make decisions about initiating a new indexing task.

To view statistics, go to the Integrations page, choose a bucket, and select the down arrow located at the end of the row. The following example screenshot shows a bucket that contains three files:

Synchronize data

Synchronizing data refers to the process of data being propagated from your cloud storage to the API service. When adding, modifying, or removing files, the changes are not automatically propagated, and you must initiate a synchronization.

To initiate a synchronization, go to the Integrations page, choose a bucket, and select the Synchronize Data icon which is the second from the left:



The API service automatically initiates a synchronization when you select the Get JSON button.

Remove an integration

When a specific integration is no longer needed, you can remove it.

To delete one or more integrations, go to the Integrations page and select the checkbox at the left of the row for all integrations you want to delete. Then, select the Delete icon: