Search options

Search options specify the source of information the video understanding engine uses when performing a search. The following values are supported:

  • visual: Analyzes video content as you would see and hear from it, including actions, objects, sounds, and events, and excluding human speech. The following examples are valid search terms: "birds flying near a castle", "sun shining on water", "chickens on the road", "an officer holding a child's hand.", "crowd cheering in the stadium."
  • conversation: Analyzes human speech within your videos.
  • text_in_video: Detects and extracts text (OCR) shown within your videos.
  • logo: Identifies the presence of brand logos within your videos.



  • The search options you specify must be a subset of the engine options used when you created the index.
  • You can specify multiple search options in conjunction with the operator parameter to broaden or narrow your search. For examples, see the Use simple queries page.