2. Download and edit the list of videos

The Integrations page allows you to download the list of files in your AWS S3 bucket as a JSON. The structure of the JSON file is described on the Tasks/Transfers page. Once you've downloaded the JSON file, you can edit it in a plain text editor. For example, you can add transcription files or remove the video files you don't want to upload and index.



  1. Go to the Dashboard page, and select Integrations:

  2. Choose an integration, making sure that the status shows as Active. Then, to download the list of files, select the Get JSON button:

  3. From the Index dropdown, choose an index to which you want to upload the videos and select the Download button. The following example screenshot specifies an index named "Coding":

  4. (Optional) You can edit your JSON file in a plain-text editor. For example, you can provide your custom transcription files, as shown in the following example:

        "index_id": "6298d673f1090f1100476d4c",
        "language": "en",
        "object": "s3://twelve-labs-docs/01.mp4",
        "transcription": "s3://twelve-labs-docs/01.srt"
        "index_id": "6298d673f1090f1100476d4c",
        "language": "en",
        "object": "s3://twelve-labs-docs/02.mp4",
        "transcription": "s3://twelve-labs-docs/02.srt"