Search parameters

The most important parameters that you specify when performing a search request using combined queries are described below:

  • index_id: The unique identifier of the index to search.
  • search_options: An array of strings specifying the source of information the platform uses when performing a search. The following values are supported: visual, conversation, text_in_video, and logo. For details, see the Search options page.
  • (Optional) conversation_option: A string that specifies the type of search the platform will perform. The following values are supported: semantic, exact_match. For details, see the Conversation option page.
  • query: An object that defines a combined query. In its simplest form, the query object is composed of the following key-value pairs:
    • text: A string representing your search terms.
    • (Optional)search_options: If set, overrides the search options for this query.
    • (Optional) conversation_option: If set, overrides the conversation option for this query.

For a description of each field in the request, see the API Reference > Make a combined search request page.