The response

The response is a SearchResult object, which contains the following fields:

  • pool: A SearchPool object that contains the total number of videos within the index, the total duration of the videos, and the unique identifier of the index that you've searched.
  • data: A list of SearchData objects, each of which contains the following fields:
    • score: A quantitative value determined by the AI engine representing the level of confidence that the results match your search terms.
    • start: The start time of the matching video clip, expressed in seconds.
    • end: The end time of the matching video clip, expressed in seconds.
    • video_id: The unique identifier of the video that matched your search terms.
    • confidence: A qualitative indicator based on the value of the score field. This field can take one of the following values:
      • high
      • medium
      • low
      • extremely_low
    • thumbnail_url: If thumbnail generation has been enabled for this index, the platform returns a string representing the URL of the thumbnail of the segment. Note that the URL expires in one hour.
  • page_info: A SearchPageInfo object that provides information about pagination. The platform returns the results one page at a time, with a default limit of 10 results per page. For details about retrieving the subsequent pages of results and configuring the pagination behavior, see the Pagination > Search results page.

For a description of each field in the response, see the API Reference > Make a combined search request page.