Cloud-to-cloud transfers

Cloud-to-cloud transfers allow you to upload multiple videos at once by grouping multiple video indexing operations in a single API call. Initially, this feature is supported for the us-west-2 region of AWS S3. If your data is located in other regions or with other cloud providers, please reach out to us at sales[at]

The steps for performing a cloud-to-cloud-transfer are as follows:

  1. Set up an integration. When you set up an integration, you grant Twelve Labs access to read the files in your S3 bucket.
  2. Download and edit the list of files in your S3 bucket. After an integration is set up , use the Integrations page to download the list of videos in your S3 bucket as a JSON file. Once you've downloaded the JSON file, you can edit to in a plain text editor. For example, you can add transcription files or remove the video files you don't want to upload and index.
  3. Transfer and index videos. Use the POST method on the /tasks/transfers endpoint to upload the JSON file containing the video files you want to index.

The sections below provide instructions for managing integrations and making cloud-to-cloud transfers: