The Playground is a sandbox environment specifically designed to provide you with a hands-on experience in exploring and testing the various features of the Twelve Labs Video Understanding Platform. This intuitive web application is a powerful tool for product managers, developers, and AI enthusiasts to familiarize themselves with the platform's capabilities and experiment with its functionalities.

The Overview page

When you open the Playground, by default, you see the Overview page. From here, you can follow the basic steps for using the Playground described in the Get started with the Playground section below or try out the predefined set of examples to search, classify, and generate text based on your videos.

  1. Upload videos pane: Allows you to upload videos quickly.
  2. Endpoints pane: Provides quick access to the Search, Classify, and Generate endpoints.
  3. Examples pane: Provides access to the Examples page where you can experiment with a set of examples included in the Playground, eliminating the need to upload and index your own videos. Note that all the examples are zero-shot results.
  4. Indexes pane: Allows you to create a new index and shows the most recently used indexes. For each index displayed, you can upload videos to it and directly access the Search, Classify, and Generate pages.
  5. Subscription details: Shows details about your current plan and allows you to upgrade it.
  6. External links: Provides links to the Dashboard, documentation website, and the Multimodal Minds Discord server.
  7. User profile menu: Displays information about your account and a button for logging you out of the Playground.
  8. Customer support chat: Initiates a conversation with our agents. You can ask us any questions or share your feedback.

Get started with the Playground

Before you start using the Playground, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

Consider the following basic steps for getting started with the Playground:

  1. Create an index
  2. Upload videos
  3. Perform one of the following tasks: