Make any-to-video search requests

Use this endpoint to search for relevant matches in an index using text or various media formats.

To perform a search using a text query:

  • Use the query_text parameter to specify your query.

To perform a search using a media query:

  • Set the query_media_type parameter to the corresponding media type (example: image).
  • Specify either one of the following parameters:
    • The query_media_url parameter with the publicly accessible URL of your media file.
    • The query_media_file parameter with a local media file.
      If both query_media_url and query_media_file are specified in the same request, query_media_url takes precedence.

Before using a media file as a query, ensure that the file meets the prerequisites.

NOTE: This endpoint is rate-limited. For details, see the Rate limits page.

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